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Lou's comments via facebook, 14th Sept-20th Sept


Lou's ET Speak only...

"Hey Lou, I just read what you posted on Fb regarding 9/11. I always thought it was some type of false flag operation. Now you made me think..."

Lou Baldini:

John Lear asked me about it many years ago back at ATS. I said it was the same thing as happened when Japan attacked America, which caused America to get into the war. Americans were pacifists back then, still are, and wanted NOTHING to do with the war in Europe. But America had to get into the fight to save Europe from Hitler. Certain top people in America allowed Japan to attack Pearl Harbor. When Japan did, it pissed off Americans and they clamored to get into the fight against the Axis powers, Italy Germany and Japan. Same with the world trade center, America allowed Islam to do the damage they intended to do, to wake up America and the world to the real Islamic threat. It didn't work. Islam has now penetrated all countries. Hitler was stopped, Islam was not stopped, instead, Americans voted into office an Islamic president, and gave him the keys to American intelligence and all its secrets.

"Ok. That's more or less how I thought all of this was conceived. You were right when you said that the U. S. is the present-day continuation of the Roman Empire, and as such we gotta support. I have always been drawn to a lot of things Italian, architecture, industrial design, its food, textiles,
clothing... Nothing beats a Brioni suit and a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes Lou. I'm seriously starting to think that at one time I was Italian lol. Anyway thanks for answering my question as always Lou. Have a good night my friend."

Lou Baldini:
Well, someday you will know.

Stacy; Hi Lou! So am I reading this right? John Lear asked you?
And you told him it was Islam?
Because that's not what he says so not sure why he asked.

Lou;  I haven't let the whole cat out of the bag. And I don't need to, Stacy. Nevertheless, Islam did destroy the world trade center. And they deserve the credit that people are trying to take away from them.


"Hey Lou, love your Anti-Socialism posts. Keep it up!!

I wanted to ask something in regards to your statements about "hate". What if we're more disappointed with people rather than hating them? For example, my parents didn't do a great job while I was growing up. They messed up big time, and there was a time when I was a bit younger that I felt anger and hate towards them. I've let that hate go, and still try to have a relationship with them, but they eventually still do something that burns me and I end up having to back away. It hurts because they're family, but when family members are toxic does it still look bad on us for being "disappointed" in them rather than "hating" them? I always feel bad when I have to keep toxic family members at arm's length because of the toxicity, and feeling like I'll be judged for having to be cautious with people who are my own flesh and blood.

So basically, I was wondering if "being disappointed in people" instead of "hating" them fell into the same categories of repercussions?"

Lou Baldini:
Every family has them. All you can do is your best and leave it at that. Being "disappointed" sounds fair.

"Hey, Lou, something has been nagging at my brain for years and I want to get your response.

General Patton (the famous WW2 General) was a strong believer in reincarnation. He was probably the only American General in the 20th century that would openly talk about it, and everyone around him thought he was nuts when he would. He believed he himself had been a military leader and military warrior in many past lives and he would continue to do so in future incarnations. I don't know if you knew any of this about Patton, but I have some questions about the man:

Was Patton truthful about his reincarnations?

Was he just a regular human soul or was there more to him?

Is Patton with us today in 2018? or is he elsewhere? He used to say he knew he was coming back.

Patton disliked Democrats, Socialists/Communists as much as you do Lou lol

Thanks for your answers!"

Lou Baldini:
Patton was telling the truth being he is one of the souls that has freedom of movement and allowed to remember. Not here now.

"Hi, Lou. Ever since I put up an Anti-Socialism Facebook post yesterday on my Facebook page, I've had friends I've known since high school sending me messages and grilling me about the positive benefits of Socialism and trying to make me look like an asshole for not liking it.

I won't lie Lou. How bad things have gotten do scare me. I hide that fear, but this stuff is everywhere. I see it in my friends, some family members, co-workers, even my wife. In fact, me and her have even had arguments over it because she's been bitten by the Socialism bug.

I'm in my 30s right now, but I have this fear of being a feeble old man someday surrounded by Islamic loving Socialist loving Liberals about to chop my head off to clear out the elderly in the name of progress. I really hope my life doesn't end that way a long time from now, but a future like that does scare me.

My question to you Lou, even though things seem dire, is there hope for those of us who aren't infected by all this shit? I don't think all is lost. My Grandfather charged Normandy Beach on June 6, 1944, to take on the Nazis. That was he and his generation's fight. I guess I and my generation (those of us awake) have this fight."

Lou Baldini:
My business associates when I built houses were mostly Socialists zombies. And they were filthy rich with their own companies. Many of the military people that have wined and dined me for information through the years were/are Socialists zombies. Many in my own family in Italy and America are Socialists zombies. Some people are on this planet to foam at the mouth. Not much anyone can do about that. Is the fight worth it? For most people, it is NOT worth it. "Live and let die as the Beatles song says. The Beatles, as most people flirted with the left ideology and some embraced it, and wanted non-lefties to die like the Socialists of today do. lol

Life is not going to come to an end but it will become more painful for the Socialists welfare queens in this life and many more lifetimes after this life. I'm only trying to wake people up to that fact. It really makes no difference to me that most people don't take my advice. Heck, I'm only a ufo nut. lol Politics is a side gig that I don't have to indulge but I do anyway. Fighting evil in the cosmos is what I do. Pisses a whole lot of people off. lol When it's my time to move on from this planet I will continue the fight elsewhere in the galaxy. Pay is not bad, the benefits are out of this world. But breaking up families over politics is not worth the trouble and pain. For the most part, I don't talk politics with family and friends unless it's on my FB page.


I gave this information to cosmologist 10 plus years ago, they hysterically laughed at me. They still have it wrong in the caption below. I said that old stars are regurgitated (recycled) by Black Holes and spewed back into the galaxy as NEW stars, individually and in globs non-stop.

Lou Baldini

Sent by Sacha


Haz; what happens if you go inside the blackhole, is it a portal to another world?

Lou; A black hole is an interesting cosmic phenomenon that is above and beyond 3d comprehension. It would make a great book that I'm sure cosmologists would love to get their hands on.


Where are all the animal and insect rights people? Trapping and slowly eating poor animals and insects is certainly cruel and inhumane. And it happens millions of times every day around the world by carnivorous plant life. It's a jungle out there and humans are only one small part of it.

Lou Baldini

(Carnivorous plants facebook video)


Lou;sent by stefan


Pablo T; One of those 50+ planets of SOL in/beyond the Kuiper belt you've talked about?

Lou;  The planet in the article is in another star system. I have said there are 40 plus planets in this system but several thousand exist beyond the Kuiper belt, Pablo.

Pablo T; Appreciate the clarification.

Then to clarify these 40+ planets in my mind: assuming the Kuiper belt starts near Plutos orbit, are there any yet undiscovered planets before the Kuiper belt or are they in the Kuiper belt itself?

On the other hand you don't have to answer, I'll research your past statements to save you time, unless ya have a quick comment.

Lou; Lou; There are many planets before the Kuiper belt. Cloaked, and some made of exotic types of matter unknown to the local scientists. There are bazillions of small planetoids and Aliens spacecraft too that no one seems to notice because of the lack of technology to do so

Pablo T;  Would Planet Eropmanop fall into the "exotic" category?

Lou; extreme exotic being its a star and nowhere nears this star system.


As I've said often in various contexts, we exist to eat pizza and drink beer, which is a hell of a lot more fun and more productive than chasing moonbeams through a rainbow just for a shot at a Nobel Prize (at taxpayer expense nonetheless). Who doesn't want to spend their time in a gilded cage? Well, there are other reasons for building these types of contraptions all around the world, and that is to catch and hold extraterrestrial beings, those incredibly pesky and elusive creatures bombarding earth and our moon from unknown places in the cosmic spectrum and not interacting with scientists, for that matter. At least not the kind of contact that can be verified and reported to the taxpaying public. Well, that's just a theory. I hope to get the Nobel Prize for that one. Since all my other great theories (drips) have been overlooked.

Lou Baldini


Haz; do you have a new drip about gravity? quantum gravity?

Lou; Who wants to know?


Trying to figure out how humans did it is the muddy dirt road scientists take and then spin their wheels on for decades. Given enough time they will muddle around until they can come up with a "human" solution to a cosmic creation. A solution that only "other" humans can agree on. Most humans don't care one iota about rocks so the scientists only have to convince themselves for the most part. Easy-peasy.

Lou Baldini