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Lou's comments, 2nd-3rd


"President Trump is succeeding beyond even the imaginings of his most ardent, passionate supporters." — Lou Dobbs https://fxn.ws/2PMWEQ3


Off the shelf ET technology. Designed and modified when needed for the planets and moons they are placed.

Lou Baldini

(Nudibranchs may look cute, squishy and defenseless ... but watch out. These brightly-colored sea slugs aren't above stealing weapons from their prey.- facebook video)


That's what voting for Socialists and Democrats get you. A blown up picture of your previous self.

Lou Baldini
(People murdered by refugees

#chemnitz-Facebook video)


No star and planet gazing without Capitalism.

Lou Baldini

(Pack your bags for a late summer road trip through the Milky Way. Here’s what’s up in September’s night sky.-  NASA labs Facebook video)

Nick; The covert boys don't gaze but rather travel to the places where every man has gone before. Low level types just star gaze. ;)

Lou; Yes, Nick, and what's your point ;)

Nick; Shucks, Lou, that was my point, You always forget about our covert boys and all the real technology they get to see and experience, after all they are people too ;)

Nick;(deleted post?

Lou; They are not part of the nursery/prison, Nick so they don't count.

Nick; Lou, I had a guy from Uranus tell me that as long as people are in human bodies and reincarnating that they are still in the nursery/prison?

Lou;  There is exceptions to every rule, Nick. I've also said that things written in stone carry little weight because stone is easily broken.

Nick; Odd thing in this case Lou, is friend of mine that worked in space under the Germans told me they are just like us. A lot of tech, but wrapped up with the same petty problems, disagreements, fights, and jealousy. I asked him for day to day issues and he told me, "you know, who is banging who and who makes more money along with what do I have to do to get a better apartment". Included was they were pretty arrogant about being "superior" because of their tech. Anyway that is what I was taking into consideration about the covert boys and how they act....... ;)

Lou; People who claim to be in such programs are usually not in such programs, Nick. More likely in something else not high up the scale of things if there even be such things


All those Communist lovers below have made endless billions of dollars under the very system they claim to hate, Capitalism. Those Socialist clowns live in the lap of Capitalistic luxury in this life but not their next one. Everyone reaps what they sow.

Lou Baldini

sent by Kartal

An ode to Labor Day. Sent to me via email:

"If you’re taking off this Labor Day, your top priority should be resting and recharging. And, it's worth appreciating what this holiday represents and the economic system that surrounds it.

Though it isn’t Independence Day, what this holiday represents to us is the incredible freedom of lifestyle that this country affords. If you have a job you don’t like, you can get a new one. If you’re sick of the 9-5 grind, you can start your own business. And if you want to set yourself up financially for the rest of your life, you can invest wisely and build generational wealth.

Here’s the point: No matter what you’re doing today, don’t solely focus on enjoying your time off. Instead, add in practicing gratitude for what you have, and make plans for your future.

Here’s what we’re thankful for this Labor Day:

The Fact That it Exists

What makes the United States such an amazing place is not its politicians, celebrities, or CEOs. Instead, it is the summation of each individual who commits themselves to work hard and building a better tomorrow. To celebrate this spirit, various states started to celebrate Labor Day beginning in the late 1800’s. In the modern age, the majority of business owners give their employees this day offer.

As a result, workers get a fantastic, long, summer weekend to enjoy themselves. This practice of celebrating working people is one of the best things our country does, and it will undoubtedly continue to do so going forward. This holiday is not just a day off. Instead, it is a celebration of everything you do for our country. So, pat yourself on the back and enjoy yourself.

The Potential to Rise

Labor Day aside, one of the things that make this country such an amazing place is the potential to rise in its hierarchy. While some will foolishly declare that "the American Dream is dead," most understand that it is still alive and well. Through hard work, commitment, and the will to succeed, any person can rise from the bottom to the top. Though we sometimes take this for granted, it is not the case in many other societies. Instead, people are often stuck wherever they are, with no hope of rising higher.

Business Ownership

Though rising through the ranks of a company is an excellent goal, those with an entrepreneurial spirit can take another route. Though it often comes with more risk and difficulty, it is absolutely worth it for many people. When you start a business, you have total freedom to do whatever you want with it.

You choose your product, company practices, schedule, and everything in between. In the United States, starting a business is more encouraged and accessible than any other place in the world, making it the perfect place to chase your dreams and build the business you’ve always wanted.

Investing in the Future

In some cultures, there is no excess money. Instead, they work just enough to feed themselves, and never have any capital to utilize later on. Brushing the future aside like this is not only damaging to the individual but to the entire country that they live in. In the US, we don’t have this problem.

Instead, many of us do have excess capital, and if you’re smart, you can invest it in the future. This allows you to grow old, retire, and never have to worry about putting food on the table. Additionally, you can build wealth that lasts for generations.

The Freedom to Take Control

Though the previous contents have related to this effect, they have not explicitly explained it. In the United States, we have the freedom to do whatever we want to do. Now, sometimes that doesn’t have the best results, as people occasionally use this privilege to willfully fail. On the other hand, those who have the courage and integrity to build a better life can do so.

They can move anywhere in the country, develop whatever skills interest them, earn money however they want, and more. In this country, the sky is the limit, the options are endless, and you have the power to take control and steer your life exactly as you please.

Though you should be relaxing this Labor Day, it is also an excellent time to reflect.

When you have a moment, take stock of who you are and what your life looks like. Which parts of it are going well? Which aren’t?

Once you are recharged from your time off, you can get back to building a better future for you, your family, and society as a whole.

Luckily, you’re living in a country that allows you to do so."


Farrakhan hates Jews and white people claimes Islam will destroy both races. He is an avowed Socialist/Democrat. People who vote Democrat are voting for people like Farrakhan.

Lou Baldini

(They Call Trump Racist Yet Befriend Avowed Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan!- crtv facebook video

Bubba; He also is an asshole too Lou . You can feel the filth being spewed from that evil person... Just bad aura... phantom realm?

Lou; All the Democrats and even Satan himself fear him, Bubba. The Democrats created that Frankenstein and gave it life. They are now vigorously working on a Socialist Frankenstein to turn loose on America.


Socialists and Democrats have big plans for America. If most Americans knew or had a clue what those big plans are they would crap in their pants. Wake up, people before Democrats flush America down the toilet.

Lou Baldini

(Immigration Is a Privilege Not A Right-Levin on crtv
Immigrants do not have a right to come into this country and make demands.Check out CRTV! bit.ly/2jln9MO

Q; deleted

Lou;The sky is always falling on countries that have no Capitalism.

Azrael; The only time countries have endured open borders it wasn't by choice and it brought about and extended the dark ages . Is that what we are in for earth becoming a lower level prison planet ?

Lou;  America is not going away and prosperity and Capitalism will continue and even thrive. The people that will lose and be hurt the most are the Socialists who will make life more difficult for themselves and the huge number of welfare queens. They will remain in their own cesspool. People shouldn't live that way but you can't make a horse drink clean water if it doesn't want too. But listening to the Democrats non-stop whining does get old. Like a child throwing a tantrum in the store when you are trying to shop. lol


Diamond & Silk should be on the View and replace those old hags that have pushed left-wing anti-America garbage on America for way too many years.

Lou Baldini

(CRTV Tonight with Gavin McInnes
Diamond & Silk UNCENSORED on Left's Race-Card Politics)


I'm digging it. ET technology is so bad, I mean so good. I'm not dissing humans because all humans are ET (extraterrestrial). No one is from planet earth. And no one is going to stay on earth forever. And then it's back to the stars and other cosmic places where the real adventures are.

Lou Baldini

(This is how subways are made. Engineering at its best.

via Herrenknecht Deutschland-Ep.24 - Secrets behind underground tech)


Capitalism solves EVERY problem when allowed. Problem is Socialism doesn't allow for solving world problems. Socialists hate Capitalism. Just ask any of them.

Lou Baldini

(Ep.25 - This could save your community one day- facebook video


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Re: Lou's comments, 2nd-3rd

Hi Jrock;
I don't pass thru this forum much, but today I was checking around after posting a document.  
I've been enjoyed spending time prususing your FB postings from Lou's forum.
A refreshing drink of water, seeing it in another form, in addition to filtering out the junk...LOL
Anyway a short BIG THANKS...
Pablo Tisch
"Today is the BEST day of my life"...