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Lou's Stuff-Doc's by Pablo Tisch

Wanted to share an enlightening treatise on MONEY that appeared in one of Lou's ATS Q & A threads. An excerpt from Ayn Rand's 1957 book: "Atlas Shrugged", Francisco d'Anconia’s Speech on Money

The original information (link below in quote) was in long, IMO, confusing paragraphs. I thus, reorganized it, hopefully clarifying & causing the points to stand out. Wanted to use this site as a repository for a MODIFIED doc so it can used on FB when Lou publishes his answer in a new "Aphorisms" I've made.
Meanwhile, enjoy the excerpt, if you so choose.... Cheers  Pablo TMoneySpeech_AynRand-AtlasScrugged_MoneyIsTheROOTofallGOOD.pdf

"Inquisitions Past And Present, Seldom Concern Themselves With The Truth, Only The Status Quo
Thread 222652, Page 2
Aug 22, 2006 – Aug 29, 2006

Q: Ah, The Root Of All Evil makes an appearance. I will offer the following link to those who
assert that money has rightfully earned itself such a catchy title.
Have you ever asked what is the root of money?

A:  Excellent link [nnnn]. Money is the scapegoat for the evil in man's soul.
To accuse money of being evil is like blaming a musical instrument for bad music.
"Today is the BEST day of my life"...