EBI Fallen Angel Images, NASA Rover and HIRISE Conspiracy, and Ancient Knowledge

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EBI Fallen Angel Images, NASA Rover and HIRISE Conspiracy, and Ancient Knowledge

Consider this my disclosure for the betterment of humanity. Here I present quite a lot of disclosure and history in a relatively short document. Included where possible are the instructions and citations where one may reproduce results.

What I hope will be noticed:
    The presence of the fallen Angels (who many call extraterrestrials now) and their connections with ancient Egypt, Sumeria and the pre-Flood world.
    How they are associated with the Baltic Sea Anomaly.
    How the Baltic Sea Anomaly pertains to the Nephilim and the ancient world prior to the Flood.
    The analysis of the NASA Rover and HiRISE images and their thorough exposure as fraudulent.
    The exposing of the discrepancies between the same images at different times.
    The exposing of the hidden base in one of the images.
    The exposing of the fake background used in many of the images.
    The exposing of the solar simulator that is sometimes present in our skies.

What I ask of you:
    Keep an open mind about what you see.
    Don't let this die here. I suffered greatly to get it out. I maintain my anonymity where possible for a reason.
    Save evidence from all investigating you do. It tends to disappear as things are discovered.
    Review the PDF from the enclosed link to find the additional research. What is included here is merely a snippet of the contents. This isn't spam.
    PDF on Dropbox
    Share it around. Put it where people will see it. Show it off in other forums. Write articles about it.
    Try to maintain the integrity of it and keep it together where possible.
    Be wary of paranormal happenings. I was attacked and you may be, too. That is not a joke.

May we someday meet on the other side and may God's blessings and protection be upon you.

A Light in the Darkness

May you be one, too.

Fallen Angels in NASA Images
Secret Facility Behind Dust Devil Trails Image
Baltic Sea Anomaly Carving
Artificial Background In Rover Images
Comparison Between Same Landscapes
Fortification In Background
Closeup of Fortification
Page One of PDF Document
Page 13 of PDF
Page 35 of PDF
Link To PDF

I hope that this is at least kept as a record to distribute in the event that something may happen to me. It isn't a joke.